Our History

Established in 1980, NDF Enterprises was originally focused in the Sawmill and Forestry industry throughout Western Canada. Growing from a small operation in the B.C. Lower Mainland, the company expanded to other sectors and became a full-service Industrial Mechanical Contractor servicing Forestry, Pulp and Paper, Aggregates and Mining, Chemical, Cement, Concrete and Agricultural Feed Facilities.

Over the past 40 years of business, the company has evolved to meet our growth and the changing landscape of our industry sectors. 

Today, NDF Enterprises is a full-service mechanical, design, fabrication and installation, contracting firm that offers full-service project management and development with a focus on safety and quality.


Neil Fredrikson

Company President

Manages all active job sites, supports on site supervision, employee scheduling, and day-to-day client services.

Matthew Fredrikson

Operations Manager

Manages day to day business operations, client services, estimations and project management.

Dustin Thomas

Construction Manager

Managing all active job sites, supporting on site supervision, man power scheduling and day to day client services.

Site Supervisors

Managing on site crews for maintenance and construction activities.


Iron Workers
Pipe Fitters
Equipment Operators

At the Beginning

From the beginning the company has been led by Company President Neil Fredrikson.

A Millwright by trade Neil’s background in the Forestry industry was the catalyst for becoming a Forestry based contractor. His experiences there are what led to the company expanding into other sectors as both customers engineering partners requested NDF to become involved with projects in other industries.

This trust in him and the company are what allowed our growth and today, 40 years after founding the company he is still a wealth of knowledge and support for all our staff and customers.

Moving Forward

As we look ahead to the future the company looks to continue to grow, and as we always have, this is through our employees. NDF Enterprises has always been a family run company and that will continue into the future.

Neil’s son Matthew is now Operations Manager and runs our day-to-day Operations. Beginning his career as a Millwright Apprentice in 2005, he worked his way through many different roles within the company before finally becoming Operations Manager in 2015.

While the company is looking at a period of transition, it is in a way that will ensure we stay true to the values Neil has always expected from our team:

Hard work, customer service and the highest quality workmanship.

With over 40 years servicing clients in Western Canada, our experience and dedication will have us ready to assist with any services you may require.

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